List Your Boat

Listing your boat on is FREE!

We will only charge a small commission when we refer a charter to you and you have been able to fulfill the charter. We will make a specific page on our site for your vessel and take care of all website design, graphics, translations, mobile friendly and layout. You just provide us with the pictures of your boat and details plus pricing. We will accept bookings thru our website as well as via our call center.

We will charge our commission as a deposit to our clients and the balance will be payable to the vessel operator at the time of the charter. This way you are guaranteed the client will show (as they have paid a deposit) while there will be no accounting issues between us and the vessel owner. In case of the customer cancelling a trip and not abiding by your cancellation policy, we will return our commission for that booking to you.

When a client books via our site, we will forward the reservation to you by email. You then have the option to accept or decline the booking. Only after you accept do we charge the client his deposit (our commission) and the balance will be payable to you. It is that simple!